Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Fresh slate.

To those who may be alarmed at seeing my blog gone... I've made the decision to delete all previous posts, and start fresh. Circumstances beyond my control. I also luckily remembered to save it all, so it's not so bad.

**Anyway**, I'll still be here from time to time with updates and assorted ramblings. I'm not going anywhere. I'll also update when the neurologist gives me some kind of confirmed news after reading the EEG. So far all i know is that the lab tech said the scan showed I was sleeping several times during the test, when in fact I remained awake and alert. So.. we now check for anything seizure- or narcolepsy- related.

Thanks for those who pop in to check on my little corner of the world from time to time. I'll be back soon.



~Macarena~ said...

sleeping:=scary! Take care.

PeppyPilotGirl said...

Alrighty then! At least you're still here in some form - I'd miss you frightfully if you disappeared!!

~Macarena~ said...

If you don't clear your Internet browser history too often, it should contain your favorite sites. If you have your sidebar open and there's a clock icon on your toolbar, click it to view your history. Or click View/Sidebar/History or History/Show All History (Also Ctrl+Shift+H). Firefox lets me choose whether to view by date/site or last/most visited.

You can start a blogroll by going to Layout and choosing "Add a Gadget" and "Blog List." You can give it any name you like and choose what to show.

Jade said...

Wow... I missed the last couple posts before you went blank, I think. EEG? Please do keep us updated (my husband went through a lot of testing like that back when he was 21)

Those granola bars look yummy!