Friday, December 31, 2010

And on to a new year!

My resolution: I really, really really resolve to pay more attention to blogging. It has always been somewhat therapeutic for me to write - anywhere, anytime - and now that AI do it for a living, I seem to have let my blog fall by the wayside. But this is a new year and I'm going to try harder to keep up with my little corner of the blog world.

Also, very much to my surprise, I got a camera for Christmas which will replace my "old unfaithful" that would only let me upload oh, I'd say, once out of every 11 attempts. ACK.
So if you have resolutions, I hope you keep them. I probably won't (for the other ones, anyway.... I really will pop in more often to visit blogs I like!), but there may be hope for the rest of you. :) I just checked on my old resolutions from last year, and I did at least keep #1.

And now for the year in mini-review:
Girls grew older.
Time flew by.
Love the job, still.
Buffy the fluffy dog and Noopie the sweet weiner-dog both passed away. The cats are still with us.
I learned how to do canning.
The oldest, 17, got to go to art camp, the middle one, 14, won a math competition, the youngest, 12, is learning to play guitar and wants to be a movie director when she grows up.
My oldest entered her senior year - that makes me the mom of a graduate soon, for the first time.
We went on vacation to visit my sister in NH, good times.
The middle child rode a motorcycle for the first time, with her uncle. Slowly.
An older extended family member passed, and a very young one (she is 5)is now fighting leukemia.
We are thankful for every day we can wake up and look at the sunshine.
The youngest is on a train right now, heading south with her grandmother to visit her great-grandmother and other members of my family.
Time continues to fly.
But we're in PJ's today and enjoying the day off.

I've added a few holiday pics from over the past few days (none of the girls though, because there is always another friend in the photo! oops!)! Happy new year my friends!