Friday, December 04, 2009

Workin 9 to 5, what a way to make a livin'...

WELL! Now that I have fed the dogs, hidden the gifts, checked in on the kids at various locations, kicked off my socks, and sat down with a plate of Italian greens with tomato and cheddar and cottage cheese on the side (fancy, no???)... I think I'll take a breath in between bites to say hello.

The dinner is not fancy because I'm.. well.. fancy (ha), or because I'm on a diet (although I should be, but that's another post)... it's because after my first day back at the office, followed by Mom's Taxi service and some secret Christmas shopping. So it was just the quickest thing I could throw together! Good, though. Anyway, I thought I oughtta check in. :)

The craft show went well. Saw a lot of old friends who stopped to say hello or sit a minute with me. Made a miniscule profit but hey, it's my favorite thing of the year and some profit is much better than none in a time where people are a little more cautious with spending. I could sort of see a trend right there at my table; while 3 years ago, lots of folks bought jewelry for themselves, this year there was more of a lean toward the handmade chalk mats and lunch kits (I make those to keep utensils clean). People love those chalkmats, and I'm so glad! Enough stuff is imported; sometimes it's nice to see folks supporting local artisans.

Last weekend we did get a replacement van, which is a little newer and in really good shape, thank God. But we had to buy new snow-tires (up here we absolutely have to use studded snow-tires to survive the winter) since the ones *already on* the totaled van would not fit this van. :(

OH, AND... you know things are not good when you speak to your kids on the phone after school and the first thing the 13-yr old says is, "Mom, what would you do if, lets say, _____ (little sister) had broken the glass in the door with her hand and she was bleeding all over the floor and there is glass everywhere? Don't have time to go into the story just yet, but what would you do?" So, first aid was recited over the phone, since I couldn't get there... then I got the story.

...Well as it turns out, my youngest PJ accidentally broke the plate glass in the front door last week by banging on it when her sisters were not quick enough to let her in (they came in the back door and she was at the front door banging on the glass and saying "Let me in!" and they were saying "Don't bang on that glass, you're gonna break it!") and then SMASH... yup... she was scared but luckily it was only a tiny scratch, poor thing... she felt so bad!!! I heard this all over the phone just after it happened, as I'd been at an MRI that same day and had gone over to L's house to wait for the hubby to pick me up after work. She was more worried about getting in trouble than her hand!! I had to reassure her that although that was not a good idea (ya think?), and one really should knock (bang) on the WOOD of a door, that I was more concerned about her being OK! Sheesh!! AND since replacing the glass was going to run about $200, she will be doing some extra chores for just this week. I mean, I feel like at nearly 12 yrs old, there has to be some accountability.. but I'm not going to drag it out, I'm sure she learned a pretty good life lesson right there already! :)

Also the first day back at work was pretty good, considering I'd been dreading it. Bit of refresher reading within my systems, bit of cleaning out email and older communications, bit of training on new things recently developed - a lot of them good improvements. And so nice to see coworkers who are more like friends and family after you all work together for several years. So, all in all, a pretty good day.

And my mom is coming back home the day after tomorrow! I miss her.

So anyway, I've posted a few photos from my table at the craft fair (it was an especially big hit with little girls, especially the purses and ribbon barrettes and the sample chalkmat I leave out for kids to doodle on!!).

Hope you are all keeping warm.
Enjoy the holidays! :)