Monday, November 16, 2009

Ketchup day.

It's been awhile so I need to have a big catch-up day. Been kinda busy.

Anyway, not much really going on, but boy it feels so busy! Geeting ready for the upcoming huge arts-n-crafts fair going on in 2 weekends from now, so that's a lot of sewing, tagging, labeling everything "MADE IN CANADA" (you have to do that now to bring your stuff over the border, found out the hard way last year)... also finishing up jewelry projects that I want to include... revamping and refreshing my displays, airing out the cloth table-covers, setting up a mock table (that was fun, actually) and fixing up my old antique trunk that I use to display jewelry.

OK that is a lot to do, when I go back and read it! So pretty busy there...

Also taking care of the insurance forms and Dr forms and all that since I had to fill and fax them all to my company's insurance folks to get some partial payments out of the plan while I was out on medical leave... that's done and we'll hope it's approved to get some backpay... but most important is that I feel better now, and have been checked for med dosage and all good there, and my Dr even called a couple weeks ago to let me know we're good to go and that I was OK to drive, YAY! So I feel OK except for a cold that has hit me broadside (just a cold, no flu!!)

Speaking of broadside, on Friday night, got hit while driving my friend home (after we had such a nice night out at the movies, BAM)... I was turning left onto her street from the main road (that's an intersection) and a young lady driver tried to pass me... on the LEFT... while I had my left blinker on. DUH. I swear, some PEOPLE...
Anyway, she of course hit us while trying to come back into her own lane, and she took off my entire front bumper in the process. We all pulled over, the police were called, everyone is uninjured (thank God, 'cause seriously, a few more inches on that turn and I & my friend would have been writing this from the hospital. Or worse.)
She told me, "Madame, you didn't have a blinker!" (yes, you bet your ass I did). and "Well Madame, I thought you were just stopping in the road!" (Who the #$%* stops in the road, in front of a left turn, at night.. for no reason?!??)
And by the way, she was French (that makes no difference but it explains why she called me Madame. ha). I felt bad for her once she explained that she was driving her grandfathers car, and he was only insured for liability not for himself, and she had to pick her boyfriend up from work, and she had a baby at home.... etc.... but on the other had, you CANNOT PASS AT AN INTERSECTION ON A SOLID LINE, and that's just the way it is. So my insurance had just confirmed that the other driver is 100% at fault (yup) and they are going to fix our van and provide a rental. I am thankful that we are fully covered!!!

So along with all that I'm just sewing and trying to enjoy time with the kids while they're home. Pretty darn thankful to be in one piece, and same for my dear friend who had to ride along on that need-for-speed hellride.

So it is what it is. And once the craft show is done, I get 4 days off... then back to work at my office where they'll no doubt need to show me all the new developments (yech) before I get back on the phones (double yech). Take care, friends.