Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Well it's prom time! For me, that's a first - my oldest daughter is graduating this year and also going to her senior prom. SIGH! This is her dress, although she found it in a lovely bright lime green. Quite princessy and beautiful, no? :) She picked it out after trying on many, many dresses, as she probably had not put on a dress in 5 years or so, but wanted this one to be special.
It needs to be taken in a bit at the bottom, and requires a bit of, ahem, coverage in the low-dip v-neck, but luckily I can do all that. I went out to hunt for a good spool of lime green thread the other day (imagine, why in the world would I not have that on hand, har har) and my great friend had some at her house! So we ended up going out for mall-crawling and girl time anyway. A nice treat.

Thinks at work are super crazy and fun, and luckily (I mean, I consider myself blessed with a capital B) I still love going in to the office everyday. I recently made the change from reporter to managing editor, and am enjoying every whirlwind minute of it. I hope that appreciation lasts for decades! When I think about it, I've always been a newshound, and I've always loved to write (in fact, I've been armchair-editing the very paper where I'm now the managing editor since I was 10 or so, I find that very funny!!) so it's just a good fit, warts and all.

In other news (pardon the pun), the youngest girl just did her Confirmation at church. That's the last of the 3 girls to complete all their church stuff (I know there is a more respectful word for that, but I'm only on my first cup, OK??). So I'm quite proud of her. She was one of only 4 this year, and they also sang in front of the congregation. Her godmother (who also functions as her fairy godmother, and rescuer of people who need lime-green thread) was her sponsor. Although I'm not Catholic myself, it was a beautiful thing to see, and quite important to her as that's the church we go to.

Also this week I got to visit with a classmate who I had not seen in 20 years! She was visiting her mum and dad, so we went over for a cookout and got caught up. My 20th class reunion is coming up next month! Yes, I'm that old!!

Well off to pull the stove out from the wall - I've seen some ants, and need to find out how they are getting in ... and send a note home to their mother to tell them to stay out (or something to that effect).

Till next time!