Sunday, September 25, 2011

Ah, another hot day in late September in eastern Canada - not that I am complaining.

Nature Girl, who is now 18, and I took a long walk through the woods that our backyard backs up to, down the four-wheeler / snowmobile trail and down to a little-known mossy place farther down, where the things that run on gas don't go.
It is beautiful there, with mossy rocks and babbling brooks and decades-old tree stumps covered with several types of feathery moss and sprouting plants. Mushrooms abound and golden sunlight filters in through maples and birches above, where the sun can reach its fingers, but it is mostly cool shade.
Thought I would share a photo (I took far more, but blogger is only allowing me one at the moment).
It is not far from home, and it is my children's special woody place to explore and I told her I won't tell a soul where it is, so the "magical" aspect remains. :)

Have a good weekend!

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HORIZON said...

Ooh l love the sound of this place- l want to go there myself - right now! ;) Hope you have a great weekend. My oldest son is planning a night out- help! The kids- they grow up so fast.