Sunday, July 17, 2011

I heart summer.

Well, not the heat. But I love that the kids are home and there is no homework and the garden grows and we can take mini-vacations.
Just got back from Toronto, which I've never visited before in my life! Took the kids to Wonderland (it's cool and there are ways to avoid the tourist-trappy expenses, we did it on a good budget). We DROVE there (14 hours each way, oy vey, or as we say around here, AYOYE!), rode rollercoasters and bought little candies at a shop and watched a light show on the gigantic mountain in the middle of the park. Neat-o.
This week we also battled the jungle growing in our way-back yard square. Right in the middle of a square of pine trees, there is about a half-acre of grass and flower gardens and a fire circle etc... it had grown WAY too long and insane while the riding mower was out of commission, so we tackled that, including a raspberry bush roughly 16 times as big as me all around, and I trimmed and wrestled that sucker back to human-scale size so it doesn't take over the whole yard (a very real possibility). Much much better now! I even had to search for my tea roses that had been covered up by new raspberry shoots, and now they can see the sun again!!
Anyway, I have a few pics from our travels through Toronto (look for the glowing circle in the air, that is the Windseeker, and those little things in the white tent are |PEOPLE|, and the little black bumps up there at the end of the rods were our SEATS!!), and our garden strawberries and lovely wild flowers from the yard, to share. :)
Hope you are having a refreshing summer!

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Anonymous said...

Stopping by to see all of my old blooggy friends and wave happy summer...