Saturday, October 17, 2009

A First Birthday Is Very Special.

So! Hi!
Wanted to put these pics up here since I've been working on this quilt and pillowcase for like a week and finally finished last night, washed and dried. Was up till nearly 2 am playing online farming games and trying to stay awake so it could dry all the way, and now it's packed up and ready to give to a special little baby girl who's turning 1 today! This photo above shows the top before the backing was added. Luckily I had some sun this morning, so I ran out into the frost-covered yard in my nightgown to snap these pics on the clothesline!!! Sorry, neighbors!!!

I wasn't sure what to put on the back, but finally settled on a dreamy light purple flannel, it looks almost like a wispy cloudy sky. But purple. :) I figure it's so cold up here, Mamma might want to flip cool crispy side to warm snuggly side now and then.

This is the back of the pillowcase, it's also the back of the quilt. See my pitiful cornrow back there in the garden? Stupid me, planted too late, an d the poor corn could not produce any good ears. Aaargh. Well I'll know next year. Anyway at least the quilt turned out OK! I decided not to iron any parts as it just came out of the dryer, got folded, and today it got rolled into a little ball for the gift bag anyway. Ironing seemed a little... useless.

All tucked away and going to her party this afternoon. I love 1st birthday parties. They have way too many relatives, way too much noise, way too many small children running around all crazy, and a little baby-face happy and smeared with "first chocolate cake" at some point. Fun times. Seriously. This is what memories are made of.

Well, off to get ready.... have a nice weekend. Try to eat some cake.


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PeppyPilotGirl said...

Happy birthday to the lucky little girl! Beautiful work, SMT! :-)