Sunday, January 02, 2011

New year = less STUFF and better ME

Why is it that whenever a new year arrives, we want to organize everything in sight?! I mean really, it's a great way to ruin a should-be-slouching-on-the-couch day... but still, I want to!
I actually went out n New Year's Eve in anticipation of my upcoming neurosis this year, and bought me a 4-drawer wooden filing cabinet (which was wheeled up to the register unassembled, no-freaking-thank you very much!)
The Hubs put it together that night and I started Jan. 1 by sorting and labeling file folders - OMG it's kind of insane how much I love to do that - and today I'm emptying out the laundry basket full of paper documents (admit it, you've got papers stuffed somewhere too) with vicious objectivity.
Store, file, or shred/recycle - that's IT, no waffling.

Oh and I also am quite enjoying the Muppet "ANIMAL" PJs I got for Christmas, as well as a lovely stamper from my managing editor, who gave me that and an "Apples to Apples" board game. What a nice person she is.
But anyway, in addition to that, I am also strongly ready to get serious about dropping a few (like 80) unwanted pounds that have been hanging around way, way too long. I joined WW a few weeks ago and with the holidays out of the way, I'm ready to kick butt.

Happy first week of January!


PeppyPilotGirl said...

and a happy new year to you and yours!

HORIZON said...

I totally agree with everything- get rid of the clutter/weight- the lot! I've come out of hibernation and haven't a clue what to write about-lol- thanks for looking me out. I hope you and family are keeping well. I need to catch up with your blog. Bests.

HORIZON said...

Have you had that cup of coffee yet missus? Yeh Yeh, taking your time- l hear you :)
Hope all is good your end.