Sunday, July 04, 2010

Happy 3monthiversary to me!


Just back from a 3-day craft show / talent show / Bry*an Adams tribute concert in which I was, well, more like a side dish. Kind of like the canteen selling poutine down the hall. But anyway.
It was a big summer festival in a tiny nearby town and my sister-in-law was running part of it and asked me if I could come do a table. Sure, I said, as she's family and I could maybe sell a few pieces, and so I sat there Thursday evening (talent show), Friday evening (talent show finals) and all day Saturday (nothing... nothing.... poutine and water for lunch... everybody outside playing ballgame tournaments... the big and little band doing stagechecks... me hanging with the big band since no one else came in to the stadium until about 8 p.m...) and it finally got busy when it got dark. Actually I had to march up to one of the guys from town, setting up, and ask for lighting, since it's kind of hard to see gemstones and crystals in the dark! So I had a string of Christmas lights behind me till I left at about 1 a.m.
The talent show was great, mostly, as we have some big voices up here. But.... I have to say... there was a dance studio that put on several performances. The teeny tots dressed as elephants - cute! The kids as flowers - sweet! The two dance numbers, both extremely hot and sexy, would have been fine except that one of the groups was about 19-24 yrs old and the other group - same moves - was 12-13. There were guys in the back holding beers and cat-calling. UMMMM..... can we say "inappropriate?" Ew, no, not good.
Otherwise, the littler kids running around were great fans of the chalk mats I make, since I leave one out to doodle on. They kept coming by, making a new picture, erasing the old ones, doodling their names,etc.. One little girl kept erasing the "try me" I kept writing on the corner, and she had a little mad expression every time. It was funny.
A few brought their parents over to buy one, which was nice. During the big concert last night, there were very few kids - the jewelry was popular though, lots of ladies all dressed up stopping by the table with their friends and going "OOOOH! WOW!"
Anyway, it's all packed up now until the big Thanksgiving weekend craft fair, and time to reopen my Etsy shop until then. Need to take photos of all the new sparkly pretty things I've just made recently!!
Other than that, I plan to go check on my poor garden, which I have not gotten to in 4 days or so - good thing it's been raining off and on every day. It looks from the window like it's doing fine without me, though!
Oh, and at work, I just reached my 3-month-iversary! :) And still loving it! :)
Till next time!

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PeppyPilotGirl said...

My older daughter dances and, when we were choosing a dance school, that is *exactly* the problem we were having. Even the advertisements in the paper continually showed little girls trying to be 'sexy'. Which is why we wound up where we are - it was the only school that didn't show prepubescent girls dressed like tarts!

Congratulations on the 3 monthiversary and the good sales!!